In the Historic 1927 Downtown Arabian Theatre -- 5th Avenue -- Laurel, Mississippi

Past Season's Cast Lists:

Our 2018 - 2019 Cast Lists

Martin Charnin, Charles Strouse and Thomas Meehan’s


May 30 - June 2, 2019

Director - Rebecca Green
Music Director - Ricardo January
Choreographer - Lydia Myers
Camp Director - Toni Cockrell


At The Orphanage
Annie - Averi Cockrell
Duffy - Anne Trest
July - Caroline Knight
Kate - Avery Manning
Molly - Ellie Kate Cockrell
Pepper - Bella Edwards
Tessie - Charleigh King
Miss Hannigan - Julia Blackledge
Rooster - Evan Bayles
Lily St. Regis - Marleigh Rayner
Mr. Bundles - Jaythan Comegys

The Orphan Chorus

At Warbuck's Mansion
Oliver Warbucks - Jacob Scott
Grace Farrell - Keeghan Messer
Drake - Will Thompson
Annette - Emma Spell
Cecile - Hannah Latham
Mrs. Greer - Anna Myers
Mrs. Pugh - Zoe Vanderslice
President Roosevelt - Brennan Wade
Judge Brandeis -
Louis Howe -

On The Streets Of New York
Sandy -
Star-To-Be -
Apple Seller -
Dog Catcher -
Assistant Dog Catcher -
Officer Ward - Larry Thomas

The New Yorkers Chorus

At The Radio Station
Bert Healey - Xavier Washington
Sound Effects Guy -

Neil Simon's


April 5-7 & 12-14, 2019

Director - Rick Youngblood
Assistant Director - Will Hodges


Eugene Jerome - Luke Youngblood
Arnold Epstein - Cameron Glenn
Joseph Wykowski - Rick Youngblood
Roy Selridge - Will Hodges
Don Carney - Jason Dedwylder
James Hennessy - Josh Crosby
Sgt. Merwin Toomey - Luke Hammonds
Daisy Hannigan - Susie Rogers
Rowena - Christy Liverett

Jean Shepherd, Joseph Robinette, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul’s


November 9-11 & 16-18, 2018

Director - Wess Hughes
Music Director - Michelle Howells
Choreographer - Megan Lee Hunter
Assistant Director - Will Hodges
Stage Manager - Jessica Shaidnagle


At Radio Station WOR
Jean, The Narrator - Robert Pool
The WOR Singers - Ashley Adams, Madison Chatham, Josh Crosby, Sierra Davis

The Parker Family
The Old Man - Jay Baggett
The Mom - Sara Anderson, Lee Waits
Ralphie - Taylor Graham
Randy - Sammie Mitchell

At Hohman Elementary School
Miss Shields - Catherine Nowicki
Doctor - Roger Wiseman
Nurse - Ashley Adams
Cop - Ethan Glenn
Fireman - Ben Graham
Flick's Mom - Sierra Davis

The Students
Dill - Jaythan Comegys
Esther Jane - Abigail Lathham
Farkus - Taylor McCraw
Flick - Jordan Hardy
Mary Beth - Mia Allison
Nancy - Lizabeth McFarland
Schwartz - Will Thompson

Shiloh Allison, Ben Anderson, Kaitlyn Busby, Julia Graham,
Corbin Husband, Abigail Latham, Ellison Latham, Lexie Ruth,
Zoe Vanderslice, Brennan Wade, Andrew Wohlscheid

In Ralphie's Western Dream
Bankrobbers - Ben Graham, Ethan Glenn
Backtellers - Jordin Hardy, Will Thompson
Black Bart - Jaythan Comegys
Can-Can Girls - Mia Allison, Kaitlyn Busby, Anna Myers

In Miss Shield's Dream
The Tappers: Kaitlyn Busby, Carole Goza, John Catron,
Catherine Nowicki, Jamie Rambin, Zoe Vanderslice

The Cabaret Patrons: Jaythan Comegys, Jordan Hardy,
Abi Latham, Hannah Latham, Lizzie McFarland

At Higbee's Department Store
Santa - Paul Spurlin
Chief Elves - Debbie Brewer, Ethan Glenn
The Other Elves - Kaitlyn Busby, Ben Graham, Anna Myers,
Jamie Rambin, Lexie Ruth, Zoe Vanderslice
Goggles Boy - Ben Anderson

The Folks of Hohman, Indiana
The Delivery Men - Ben Graham, Roger Wiseman
Mrs. Schwartz - Carole Goza, Samantha Johnson
Chop Suey Waiters - Jamie Leigh Rambin, Ethan Glenn
Little Bumpus - Brennan Wade

Ashley Adams, Debbie Brewer, Sierra Davis, Ethan Glenn, Ben Graham,
Michelle Graham, Carole Goza, Samantha Johnson, Hannah Latham,
Anna Myers, Jamie Leigh Rambin, Roger Wiseman

The Pit Chorus
John Catron, Madison Chatham, Josh Crosby, Alyssa Garick, Don Husbands,
Sherry Lowe, Kathy Mattox, Elizabeth Pool, Ellen Rowell , Paul Shaidnagle,
Tina Thompson, Mark Tucker

Jessie Jones, Nick Hope & Jamie Wooten’s


August 3-5 & 10-12, 2018

Director - Will Hodges
Stage Manager - Sydney Kitchens


Peaches Verdeen Belrose - Samantha Johnson
Theodore Rexford Belrose - Paul Spurlin
Wild Bill Boudreaux - Kent Miller
Marlissa Crutchfield - Frankie Bennett
Bitsy Hargis - Sherri Davis
Mama Doll Hargis - Allyssa White
Gentle Harmony - Anne LaBelle
La Merle Verdeen Minshew - Debbie Brewer
Aubrey Verdeen - Ty Evans
Gaynelle Verdeen - Christy Liverett
Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen - Stacy Ruth
Cee Cee Windham - Kim Hudson