In the Historic 1927 Downtown Arabian Theatre -- 5th Avenue -- Laurel, Mississippi


A Brand New Holiday Musical



Directed by
Wess Hughes


SEPTEMBER 10-11 at 7pm
At The Arabian Theatre

It’s an exciting new musical version of the beloved movie that plays every December on TBS in a 24-hour marathon. Mix in a horribly funny leg lamp, the ugliest pink bunny pajamas and a “triple-dog-dare-ya” - and it seems like nine-year-old Ralphie will never get his dream Chrismas gift – a Red Ryder BB Gun!!!

Director Wess Hughes and music director Michelle Howells will need a HUGE cast of 40 adults and 20 kids for the show that’s got some beautiful ballads and big production numbers. Who can resist a dancing chorus of leg lamps???!!!

Leading roles for all ages - Ralphie and his brother, and all their classmates for the little kids - and then their teacher, Miss Shields, Ralphie’s dad, the ‘Old Man’, and his mom and all the other adults in his life. High school and college ages will play adult roles.

You can come with a prepared song (just need one verse and a chorus) – use a CD, or bring sheet music, or sing a’cappella. Fine to sing any favorite song, a hymn, “Happy Birthday” or even the national anthem – and ok to hold lyric sheet to be more comfortable.

Never auditioned for a musical and nervous?? No problem – you can come down and all the newbies will just get around a keyboard and sing something together. We keep it really low-key at auditions so we can encourage new folks to come BE IN A SHOW! If you’ve never been in a live show before, here’s your chance!

After auditions, rehearsals will be three nights a week through October, and then picks up some extra nights the last couple weeks before performances.

Drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Classic Neil Simon Comedy



Directed by
Rick Youngblood


JANUARY 7-8 at 7pm
At The Arabian Theatre

The third show of our 58th Season continues the story of 'Eugene Jerome' (from last year's BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS) as he gets drafted into the Army during World War II and heads off to the muggy swamps of steamy Mississippi.

Director Rick Youngblood will need a cast of 8 men and 2 women (a few high school/college ages might be cast in some of these roles). There's the hard-as-nails platoon leader, Eugene and a half dozen of his fellow privates (of all ages), and then a couple of ladies the men meet at the local USO dances.

Rehearsals will start the second half of January, run through February and March around three nights a week, and then, pick up a few extra rehearsals the last two weeks before show week.

Drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Our auditions are usually very laid back and you don't really need to prepare anything. Just come on down and we'll have a simple form you fill in with contact info. Auditioning could be a very scary thing, but we try to keep it as easy-breezy as we can so that newcomers will come join in with us on our productions.

For play auditions, the show director will have everyone read some scenes, but you don't have to show up with any memorized piece to audition with.

For musical auditions, you can sing anything you'd like or we'll just teach everyone a short song to sing together. If you bring sheet music, we'll have an accompanist to play for you. You can prepare a song or just sing 'Happy Birthday' or the National Anthem or an old hymn or you can wait and learn a group song with everyone else.