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A Homegrown Southern Comedy!

Big Mama's Kitchen

November 3-4 & November 10-11 at 730pm
November 12 at 230pm

Directed by Michaela Lin

Big Mama's Kitchen

Big Mama's Kitchen
by Joseph Frost

Written by a Mississippi author, this is a truly homegrown southern comedy!

Albert returns to his hometown from the big city of Jackson, MS, after inheriting his grandmother’s house. The home includes the famous Big Mama’s Kitchen, a gathering place for the whole small town. Will he give in to pressure from the community and carry on the legacy of Big Mama's Friday Night Suppers? Full of slapstick situations, Southern humor, and the power of legacy and tradition, this comedy will make you laugh and feel good all at the same time.

A Drama!

Ordinary People

February 23-24 & March 1-2 at 730pm
March 3 at 230pm

Directed by Christy Liverett

Ordinary People

Ordinary People
Play written by Nancy Gilsenan from the novel by Judith Guest

Here our season takes a dramatic turn, as we examine a family figuring out how to cope with loss.

When the Jarrett family loses a member to a tragic boating accident, each person must figure out how to work their way through the grief.

They must either find a way to come together through the pain, or leave each other to deal with it in their own way.

Based on the book by Judith Guest which also spawned a film directed by Robert Redford, this drama takes a realistic look at a truly human experience.

A Magical Experience!

Seussical Jr.

June 6-8 at 730pm
June 9 at 230pm

Directed by Lacy Cockrell

Seussical Jr.

Seussical Jr.
Book by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Music by Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens
Conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty, & Eric Idle

See how many Seuss characters you can spot in this sweet and funny Kids Camp Musical. You just might know "Who" a few of them are!

Children and grownups alike will get the warm and fuzzies as they see the world of Dr. Seuss 's storybooks unfold before them onstage.

This show has the fantastical, crazy characters you know and love as well as fun musical numbers.

Be sure to sign up the kids to be a part of this magical experience this summer, because "a person's a person, no matter how small!"

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As a non-profit organization, LLT has always depended upon "the kindness of strangers." We survived and thrived for almost six decades thanks to the great support of everyone in the community.

We're very proud of our historic 1927 Arabian Theatre, but we have to constantly work at keeping the facility maintained, and we have big plans to add the new Pinehurst Room extension in the next year or so. That addition will run along the south side of the Arabian exactly where the old Pinehurst Hotel stood. And, YES, ladies, there will be brand new restrooms so you won't have to stand in that long line anymore!

We'll need the help of our friends and families and even strangers to raise the funds to complete this. Remember us in your annual gift giving and in your wills and estate planning. So many of our beautiful old buildings in Downtown Laurel have disappeared - help us to ensure this one continues to thrive. We're planning a Wall of Honor in the new Pinehurst Room that will memorialize your name or the name of those you'd like to remember. Mail to for more info.


We're always looking for folks that would like to help backstage on sets, props and costumes. Do you sew ? Like to help slap some paint on a wall? Do a little hammering? Drop us a line at

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