In the Historic 1927 Downtown Arabian Theatre -- 5th Avenue -- Laurel, Mississippi

Past Season's Cast Lists:

Our 2017 - 2018 Cast Lists

Michael Frayn's


March 8-11, 2018

Director - Sam Buchanan
Stage Manager - Olivia Chauvin


Lloyd Dallas - JT Robinson
Dotty Otley - Catherine Nowicki
Garry Lejeune - Scottie Corley
Brooke Ashton - Natalie Davis
Freddie Fellowes - Jeremy Cumpton
Belinda Blair - Jody Ridgeway
Selsdon Mowbray - Ethan Glenn
Poppy Norton-Taylor - Logan Prince
Tim Allgood - Kade Lee

Neil Simon's


November 2-5, 2017

Director - Rick Youngblood
Assistant Director - Will Hodges


The Jerome Family
Kate Jerome - The Mother - Catherine Nowicki
Eugene Jerome - Her Teen Son - Luke Youngblood
Stanley Jerome - Her Older Son - Carter Poister
Jack Jerome - The Father - Luke Hammonds

The Morton Family
Blanche Morton - Kate's Widowed Sister - Christy Liverett
Nora Morton - Her Oldest Daughter - Natalie Davis
Laurie Morton - The Youngest Daughter - Taylor Thompson

Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's


August 3-6 & 11-13, 2017

Director - Wess Hughes
Assistant Director - Laura Cooley
Musical Director - Shane Cockrell
Choreographer - Coco Caldwell
Stage Manager - Tim Flanagan


Narrator - Kathy Lee, Holly Wansley
Joseph - Jonathan McKenzie
His Father Jacob - Bill Mullins

His Brothers
Gad - Reagan Arnold
Asher - Josh Crosby
Reuben - Johnny Davis
Benjamin - Ethan Glenn
Judah - Kade Lee
Isaacar - Jacob May
Napthali - Anthony Nix
Zebulon - Carter Poister
Simeon - Paul Spurlin
Levi - Ben West
Dan - Derrick Williams

The Wives
Sarah Michael Ables, Erin Brady, Debbie Brewer, Coco Caldwell,
Madison Chatham, Ebony Cole, Sherri Davis, Ebony Dixon, Anne LaBelle,
Jessica Newman, Savanna Newman, Jamie Rambin, Andrea Russell, Abi Welsh

In Egypt
Ishmaelite - Andrea Russell
Camel - Jessica Newman, Savanna Newman
Potiphar - Ken Culpepper
Mrs. Potiphar - Frankie Bennett
Potiphar's Guards - Kade Lee, Anthony Nix, Carter Poister
Butler - Jacob May
Baker - Reagan Arnold
Pharaoh - Allen Holifield, Bruce Smith
Children's Solos - Kate Blackledge, Wesley Carmical, Abigail Latham,
Ellison Latham, Hannah Letham, Emma Kate McKenzie, Emma Spell,
Will Michael Thompson

The Childrens' Chorus
Mia Allison, Shiloh Allison, Kate Blackledge, Wesley Carmical, Peyton Hebert,
Amarie James, Emalee Herrin, Lacey Holifield, Abigail Latham, Ellison Latham,
Hannah Latham, Emma Kate McKenzie, Anna Myers, Sara Newman,
Kailee Robinson, Emma Spell, Abigail Stringer, Will Michael Thompson,
Brennon Wade

The Pit Chorus
Frankie Bennett, John Catron, Gail Chancellor, Heather Conkle, Ken Culpepper,
Lynn Deas, Babette Duty, Allen Holifield, Billy James, Tammie James, Emily Hebert,
Connie McAlpin, Kaye Rowell, Bruce Sloan, Bruce Smith, Mark Tucker,
Eric Williams, Roger Wiseman, Jan Walker

The Crew
Bill Axton, Lexi Berlin, Robin Berlin, Joe Blackledge, Sandra Boutwell,
Marta Carmical, John Catron, Leanne Chandler, Allison Dewitt, Tim Flanagan,
Ethan Glenn, Steve Guy, Alek Harper, Susan Hedgepeth, Will Hodges,
Brent Holifield, Niki Ishee, George Jackson, Jacob May, Carissa McNair, Pat Myers,
Paula Pierce, Amanda Robertson, Debby Rowell, Paul Rowell, Missy Sanderson,
Coty Shoemake, Lucy Taylor, Kathy Thompson, Eddie Walker, Jan Walker,
Lauralee Watts, Kellum Wilson, Alison Vanderslice, Jason Vanderslice,
Rick Youngblood