In the Historic 1927 Downtown Arabian Theatre -- 5th Avenue -- Laurel, Mississippi


Michael Frayn's


Directed by
Sam Buchanan

December 4-5 at 7pm
At The Arabian Theatre

Our third show of the season is a deliciously hilarious 'backstage' comedy that's often been called the "funniest farce ever written."

A group of actors are staging a new door-slamming-comedy, but they just can't seem to get their 'act' together.

First, we'll see them acting the new show ON the stage, but then the set turns around and we'll see what's going on BEHIND the scenes - and that's ever crazier!

Director Sam Buchanan will need a cast of nine - 5 men and 4 women - all adults, of all ages. No preparation is necessary - just come on down and you'll read from the script with everyone else. Any questions, drop a note to

Auditions are December 4th and 5th. Rehearsals will start after New Year's and will be three nights a week until it picks up the final week before the show opens in March.

Our auditions are usually very laid back and you don't really need to prepare anything. Just come on down and we'll have a simple form you fill in with contact info. Auditioning could be a very scary thing, but we try to keep it as easy-breezy as we can so that newcomers will come join in with us on our productions.

For play auditions, the show director will have everyone read some scenes, but you don't have to show up with any memorized piece to audition with.

For musical auditions, you can sing anything you'd like or we'll just teach everyone a short song to sing together. If you bring sheet music, we'll have an accompanist to play for you. You can prepare a song or just sing 'Happy Birthday' or the National Anthem or an old hymn or you can wait and learn a group song with everyone else.