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A little bit of music, A little bit of comedy,
A little bit of drama, A little bit of magic...
A  little theatre for everyone this season.


Beth Kander’s


A little bit of comedy...actually, a TON of comedy!

OCTOBER 20-21-22 at 7:30 PM
OCTOBER 23 at 2 PM

Directed by Missy Sanderson

Need a little diversion from Hillary and the Donald? Well…here it is! LLT’s annual Southern comedy, only this time, a funny Southern political comedy – performed right in the very middle of this year’s election season.

The mayor of a sleepy Georgia town is once again up for re-election. For over twenty years, he’s always run unopposed, but this time he has to duke it out with his own wife on the ballot. Sparks fly and and everyone is thrown for a loop as they get down and dirty and duke it out with their political fisticuffs.

All politics are local – but especially if you live with one of your opponents – so you can bet that belly laughs will be abundant!

RUNNING MATES was the 2013 winner of the Eudora Welty New Play Award and LLT is proud to be one of the first theatre companies in the country to produce it.

The LLT reservation line for RUNNING MATES is NOW OPEN and answers 24 hours a day at 601.428.0140.

Running Mates



Director Missy Sanderson
is a guest on Channel 7's MIDDAY

WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS

Our Fall-Time "Spring Cleaning"

November 12th from 11AM - 5PM
November 13th from 1PM - 6PM

Ever wanted to help out and volunteer at LLT? Here’s your chance - and we could really really really use your help! It’s a once-a-year project for us and lots of hands are always better and faster than just a few.

We've planned a fall-time "spring cleaning" to get our prop, costume and set storage areas cleaned and organized - and we've waited to schedule it when it'll finally be nice and cool to get the work done.

And...we have some brand new storage space and we need a lot of shelves, work tables and hanging racks if anyone has any old items like those that we can use to organize things.

Any questions or if you'd like to be added to an email reminder list for volunteers, drop a line to - and let us know if you have any old shelving or racks or such and we'll come pick those up right away!

Come on down to help us out any that you can - a few minutes, a few hours - we’re grateful for all the volunteers that pitch in.

Our 2016 "Spring Cleaning" is set for Saturday, November 12th from 11AM until 5PM and also on Sunday, November 13th from 1PM until 6PM.

Arthur Miller’s


A little bit of drama...but POWERFUL drama!

MARCH 30 - 31 and APRIL 1 at 7:30 PM
APRIL 2 at 2 PM

Directed by Sam Buchanan

The Time: 1692.

The Place: Salem, Mass.

The Problem: Witches!

What happened back then to the women of Salem? Or maybe the real question is, what happened to ALL the people of Salem? What could lead an entire town to turn on their own?

Based on the chillingly true-life stories of Salem’s hysterical trials, this powerful drama first appeared on Broadway in 1953 and won the Tony Award for Best Play.

Arthur Miller wrote it as a comment on the real-life witch-hunts and blacklisting that the despicable U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy was leading in our Congress that decade.

A ‘crucible’ is a container used to hold metal or glass substances while they’re subjected to super high temperatures – and explosively high heat is exactly what happened in both Salem in the 1690s and the U.S. Congress in the 1950s.

Miller is considered to be one of America’s very best playwrights and was a Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama.

THE CRUCIBLE is one of the most produced dramas of all time and is currently running on Broadway. That production just received four Tony Award nominations, including Best Revival of a Play.

Director Sam Buchanan has auditions set for JANUARY 16-17, 2017.
Click here for audition info.

The LLT reservation line for THE CRUCIBLE opens on March 23rd and will answer 24 hours a day at 601.428.0140.



A little bit of magic...Disney’s BIGGEST hit ever!

JUNE 1-2 at 7:30 PM
JUNE 3 at 4PM and 7:30PM
JUNE 4 at 2 PM

Directed by Katelyn Bryant

Once again, our annual summer Kids’ Camp production is included in our season so that our season ticket holders can use a punch to see it!

LLT is one of the very first community theatres from around the nation to be approved to present this junior version of THE LION KING, which is now the 3rd longest-running show in Broadway history!

Based on the hit Disney animated film, this stage musical features the beloved score by Elton John and actors in inventive costumes that includes puppets.

When it opened in NYC, it received 22 Drama Desk and Tony Award nominations and was the Tony winner for Best Musical that year.

Our annual Summer Kids' Camp is an intensive one-week workshop where over 100 students have a memorable time learning the audition and rehearsal process, and then t hey’ll end the week with five magical performances of DISNEY'S THE LION KING JR!

Pre-registration is required early next spring for the students since our camp ALWAYS sells out in advance. Camp runs for one week beginning May 25, 2017 and then the performances run the weekend of June 1-4, 2017. Make sure you're on our email newsletter list to get the first early notice when registration opens! Drop a line to to be added to that list.

Join Mufasa & Scar, Simba & Nala and Timon & Pumba in "The Circle of Life," and you'll see just how much the 100 kids from our annual Summer Kids’ Camp will make you smile…and laugh…and cry.

SAVE UP TO 46% !!!!!!

A regular single ticket runs $17, but a 4-Punch LLT Season Ticket at either $35 (seniors or students), $40 (adults), $70 (two season tickets for a couple) or $125 (four season tickets for a family of four) makes for an average as low as seven or eight dollars per punch -
live theatre for less than the cost of a movie!

You get four punches on each season ticket - allowing you to punch once per show, or you can even use up to two of your punches on any one production and bring someone with you.

Join now as an LLT season-ticket holder - you'll see all four regular season shows for the price of only two single tickets - a 46% savings!


After many years of requests from our audiences, the annual Kids' Camp production will once again be a part of our 4-Punch Season Ticket and not require a single ticket purchase for season members.

And...for our patrons, this coming year, instead of a one-night-only patron party that was always difficult for everyone to attend, LLT will be offering our patrons a complimentary drink (beer, wine or soft drink) at every performance they attend.

And there's another great big new perk for patrons - a section of reserved seats will be set aside at every performance that will be held just for the patrons to choose from.


Get added to our mailing list. To receive our once a year brochure that will go out late this summer,Click --> and give us your address .


As a non-profit organization, LLT has always depended upon "the kindness of strangers." We've survived and thrived for five decades thanks to the great support of everyone in the community.

We're very proud of our historic 1927 Arabian Theatre, but we have to constantly work at keeping the facility maintained, and we have big plans to add the new Pinehurst Room extension in the next year or so. That addition will run along the south side of the Arabian exactly where the old Pinehurst Hotel stood. And, YES, ladies, there will be brand new restrooms so you won't have to stand in that long line anymore!

We'll need the help of our friends and families and even strangers to raise the funds to complete this. Remember us in your annual gift giving and in your wills and estate planning. So many of our beautiful old buildings in Downtown Laurel have disappeared - help us to ensure this one continues to thrive. We're planning a Wall of Honor in the new Pinehurst Room that will memorialize your name or the name of those you'd like to remember. Mail to for more info.


We're always looking for folks that would like to help backstage on sets, props and costumes. Do you sew ? Like to help slap some paint on a wall? Do a little hammering? Drop us a line.

Progress Thermometer



Let's Build The Pinehurst Room!

Click Here For Our Plans & Sketches,
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